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Baxi 247429 O RING 22 x 3

Our Code: BAX247429

Part Number: 247429

Manufacturer: Baxi
O RING 22 x 3

Price: £2.11 excluding VAT (£2.53 including VAT)

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Product Information:

Baxi 247429 O RING 22 x 3

The Heatxchange are suppliers of GENUINE Baxi parts and spares.

We aim to be the cheapest and easiest Baxi spares supplier for Baxi 247429 O RING 22 x 3

Please check the related appliances for this O RING 22 x 3. if yours doesnt appear in the list or you are unsure we are happy to help call us on: 01922 694724

If you need any more information on this Baxi O RING 22 x 3 please contact us and we will be happy to help.


All our spares have a full 12 month warranty. Purchasing a Baxi O RING 22 x 3 part number 247429 couldn't be easier with Next day delivery option on all spares.

Delivery options:

4 to 5 day post (free if order is over £100) - £3.75

2 to 3 day post  - £4.50

Next day (Mon-Friday) - £8.00

Next day before 12 (Mon-Friday) - £15.00

Saturday AM - £25.00

Please note there is a 4pm cut off for next day deliveries.